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COVID-19 chest x-ray testing

For patients experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 and seeking rapid triage. Now at 34 of our New York and Long Island partner locations.

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Signs of Pneumonia in a chest x-ray (MIT Tech Review)

According to the British Medical Journal  the chest x-ray (CXR) has emerged as the frontline diagnostic imaging test, in conjunction with clinical history and key blood markers: CRP and lymphopaenia. With PCR turnaround times lagging at 24-48 hours, these basic blood biomarkers have become the bedrock of covid-19 patient triage. 

The American College Of Radiology issued on Wednesday 3/18/20 its recommendations to tackle the COVID-19 (coronavirus) epidemic. 

"Facilities may consider deploying portable radiography units in ambulatory care facilities for use when Chest X-Rays are considered medically necessary. The surfaces of these machines can be easily cleaned, avoiding the need to bring patients into radiography rooms."

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Our Partner Facilities.

34 Locations in New York and Long Island and Mobile X-Ray

We are partnered with Zwanger-Pesiri Radiology as well as a Mobile X-Ray provider to handle the crisis. 

All of our partner facilities are open, equipped to handle patients, and follow strict CDC and ACR guidelines to minimize risk of exposure:  

  1. All staff wear proper protective equipment
  2. Any imaging suite — and all surfaces — are environmentally cleaned and decontaminated 
  3. Technologist and radiologist wash hands 
  4. Social distancing — keeping at least six feet between individuals in waiting rooms and work spaces 
  5. Increasing scheduling intervals or appointment times to allow adequate air flow

Our mobile x-ray provider, can visit you in the comfort of your home anywhere in the 5 boroughs. 

Who should do this.

This service is appropriate if you think you may be experiencing signs or symptoms of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), which include fever, cough, shortness of breath.

These symptoms may appear 2-14 days after exposure (based on the incubation period of MERS-CoV viruses).

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In the News.

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3/20/2020 - British Medical Journal 

"Radiologists now find themselves at the frontline of helping to manage the covid-19 outbreak. The chest x-ray (CXR) has emerged as the frontline diagnostic imaging test, in conjunction with clinical history and key blood markers: CRP and lymphopaenia. With PCR turnaround times lagging at 24-48 hours, these basic blood biomarkers have become the bedrock of covid-19 patient triage."


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"We believe that chest x-ray testing at outpatient imaging centers will be critical in our efforts to prioritize care for patients that are most at risk, and reduce the strain on New York hospitals”

- Kareem, COO, Within Health 

Our Pledge to Help the Fight Against COVID-19.

3/26/20 - New York, New York

Within Health Pledges to Help the NYC Community in the Fight Against COVID-19 by Increasing Access to Chest X-Rays

With COVID-19 disproportionately impacting the state of New York, we at Within Health, stand ready to answer Governor Cuomo’s call for help. 

Following recent medical research out of the UK indicating that chest x-rays can serve as a frontline diagnostic test to identify COVID-19 patients (LINK), we stand ready to unleash our technology and radiology network to help triage and support the expected strain coming to New York’s hospitals.

The problem: The current swab-based testing method is both expensive and slow -- and most critically, limited in availability. There’s also limited triage support for hospitals to help identify early-on which patients have flu symptoms compared to suspected COVID-19.

Facilities stand ready: While area hospitals are seeing a surge in demand, many independent imaging centers have seen a 70-80% reduction in demand over the last few weeks. These facilities are equipped with board certified radiologists and the latest diagnostic and imaging equipment that can be tapped to identify patients who are sick and require further medical attention.

What we can do: Through Within Health’s app (LINK), individuals can access a team of radiologists and partner imaging centers who can help quickly determine if a chest x-ray is necessary. X-ray testing at outpatient imaging centers will be critical to patient triage efforts in New York. It will not only reduce the strain on hospitals (where lines to get tested are out the door), but also, help prioritize care for patients with severe lung damage and those that are most vulnerable. 

Our pledge to help: Within Health’s network has pledged to migrate our resources and help in the triage efforts in communities that need it most throughout New York City. 

We’ll be rolling out our solution to various communities in New York City who are in desperate need of triage support, whether they lack resources or they are suspected to be a hot-spot for COVID-19 cases. 

We hope we can do our part to help in this fight. 


Adam, Craig, Kareem

The Within Health Team 


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